I may not be the biggest fan of winter, however, I am a big fan of bucket lists. I had so much fun making my fall bucket list, and trying to complete the list, that I decided to do it for winter! Most of these are Christmas related- but a lot you can do after the holiday season as well, to brighten up the gloomier months. Much like my fall list, I will update this one as each activity has been done, complete with photos, too.

Did I miss anything on my bucket list? Do you have a winter bucket list started? Let me know!

Decorate The House- While Listening to Christmas  Music

The Buble was on, and the halls got decked. Every inch of our humble abode is now covered in some sort of glittery ornament or green foliage.

Go Ice Skating

Ok, ok. so going to an ice rink and taking photos isn’t teeeechnically skating…but with me, this is the best you’ll get.

See the Lights- Any Lights!

I love Christmas lights. The other day when Simon, Boss and I were driving around, we saw one of our favourite parks all lit up! We decided to do our family walk there, and it was beautiful.

Watch a Christmas Movie

I am officially counting “Bad Mom’s Christmas” as a Christmas movie. Simon was not a fan, but he was happy because he had chocolate.

Send Out Christmas Cards

For the last 4 years, we have sent out Christmas cards. I love thinking of a new photoshoot idea every year! This year’s photos had a styled set that I created, and of course were taken by my bff Leanna!

Make a Gingerbread House

Under no circumstances did this go well.

There will be no photographic evidence of this.

Kiss Under the Mistletoe

I may have kissed a different cutie pie under the mistletoe this year..

Photos with Santa

It’s been 10 years, and have we ever gotten photos with Santa? Nope! We have it on our bucket list every year, but this year, we had incentive! We took our fur-baby for pet photos with Santa at Yorkdale mall! The wait in line was long, but it was the most fun line that I’ve ever stood in!! I would stand in 1000 lines if they all had dogs in them!

Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

Build a Snowman

Browse Around a Christmas Market

People flock from the GTA and beyond to attend the Toronto Christmas Market. We got to go a couple of times, and once before the chaos. Pro tip: if you want to go and take photos without 500 photobombers- go as soon as it opens for the first hour, or on a weekday. Otherwise, good luck!!

We do love going to see all of the installations, try the yummy food, and feel festive. Thankfully, dogs are allowed, so Boss had the best day ever!


What are some of the things on your winter bucket list? Let me know if I’ve missed anything! Merry Christmas!