I always like to know what you guys, my readers, want to read about on my blog or see on my Instagram feed. I will often use question boxes and polls to gather some intel on what people are interested in. I got a lot of answers on this question that I put out.

“Which colour do you find the hardest to wear?”

The majority of you responded that it was the colour yellow. For the past couple of summers, I would go through a spurt of posting all yellow outfits, and the people of Instagram loved it! But guess what? I used to HATE the colour yellow on me and almost never wear it! I thought that my hair was too yellow and my skin was too pale. I was going to look like a giant banana! Lo and behold, I was wrong. I remember the piece that started the obsession. It was the bright yellow pleated midi skirt from Forever 21 (pictured below) that did me in. I have always loved a good midi skirt, and this was my first one in a bright colour. It was last summer, and yellow was starting to be super trendy, so i tried it, and I am so glad that I did. Below you’ll find some of my most worn yellow pieces, and an idea of how to incorporate them into your wardrobe.



Yellow Dress

If you are a “go big or go home” type of gal, then going the dress route is perfect for you. I found this gem at a Marshall’s in Chicago, and I specifically remember saying to my parents and Simon that it is not a cute colour, but I LOVE the silhouette, so I will try it on anyways. I tried it on and snapped a pic, still not 100 percent sold on the colour. I showed the pic to my crew, and their enthusiasm convinced me! Here’s a tip, when trying something that is out of your comfort zone, send a pic to an honest friend, or take them shopping with you! They may just be the push you need, or the honesty needed to say no to something that isn’t the best fit for you.


Yellow Top

Not really a dress or skirt kinda babe? Try out this colour in a tank or tee! I scored this cute summery top at Winners, and they have tons of similar ones like it. Does scouring the Winners racks stress you out? Here’s my secret: I walk up and down the racks, and I pick out colours and textures that I see. 75% of the time I end up liking it! It’s a great hack for those hectic stores. If you are going with yellow on the top, make sure you keep it neutral on the bottom. It is always easy to pair it with anything denim, and you are set to go!


Yellow Shoes

If you are very wary to dive headfirst into this colour, start small! An adorable yellow bag or chic shoe can go a long way! I found these ones at Forever 21, and they really are the statement piece of the outfit. Stores like F21 and H&M always have super trendy colours like this that won’t break the bank. Keep in mind that it probably won’t be a piece that you wear all of the time, so many sure you aren’t spending a ton when searching for these.


Yellow Skirt

If a dress is too overwhelming, you can try a slightly toned down version and wear a yellow skirt. This was one of the first yellow pieces that really convinced me that I could wear the colour. I picked up this one at Forever 21 last spring, and have never looked back! I like to pair white tops and accessories with the yellow, for a true summery look. You can find skirts similar to this one at Forever 21, Zara, and H&M.


Yellow Background

If I really haven’t convinced you by now to try your hand at rocking this bright colour, then settle for my last option- a fun yellow background. If you live in Toronto, bright walls and restaurants are plentiful (pictured here is Sophie’s). You may have to get creative if you live in a smaller town, if you’re a photoshop wiz, test out a coloured background. If you are like me and cannot work photoshop to save your life, invest $5.00 in some yellow posterboard and tape it to a wall for a DIY yellow background! With websites like Pinterest, the possibilities are endless.