To splurge or to save, that is the question…at least for any fashionista that I know.


As much as I love coming up with new blog post ideas on my own, I also really enjoy it when you guys ask for certain posts. I love being able to be a resource for you and your closet. In this post, I am going to go over which key items are worth spending on vs. saving on. I will also touch on cost per wear, and key wardrobe staples.


Cost Per Wear

I’ve briefly wrote about this in a previous blog post, but let’s recap what cost per wear is.

Example: I want to buy Hunter boots, and they cost $200. If I buy them, and only wear them twice, then the cost per wear is still $100. Not a great investment. However, if I buy the boots and wear them once/week for a year, then you take the $200 and divide that by 52, which averaged about $3.80 per wear. If ever I am debating on a hefty purchase, I try and imagine how much use that I will get out of that said product, by calculating the cost per wear. Use this formula when debating on your splurge items.


Key Wardrobe Staples (Fall/Winter)

These are pieces in my own wardrobe that will be worn on a weekly basis, get the best cost per wear, and in spite of sounding like a #firstworldproblem, they are items that I can’t live without! Most of these items are also featured in my blog post “How to Dress Like a Grownup”.

How to Dress Like a Grown Up

Key Wardrobe Staples

-A good pair of non-ripped dark denim

-A dressy coat and a practical coat

-Shoes for F/W- ankle boots, winter boots, tall riding boots

-A classic blazer

-An everyday pullover sweater

-An easy to throw on blanket scarf


Let’s get into the nitty gritty. What to splurge on vs. save on.







A warm winter coat: The last thing you want is to have bought a cheap winter coat, and be left freezing all winter long. Its best to put a little more money into something that will last for years and keep you nice and toasty. The teddy coat: Yes, it is fall’s biggest trend, but is it a lifetime staple and worth the investment? Probably not. Check lower end budget stores like Urban Planet and Ardene, they have the trends for much less.
Your go-to bag: If this is a bag that you will be carrying to class, to work, or to do everyday tasks, then this is a bag worth spending on. It’s best to choose a black bag for this, because that is the most versatile. Don’t choose a silhouette that isn’t timeless. Think, classic. A trendy purse: If its on the fall or spring trend boards, it probably isn’t worth spending your savings on. All of the trendy bags I buy are usually under $35. You’ll use it for the season, and then it will get tossed in the back of your closet and become but a distant memory. Not worth the dollars.
A timeless fitted blazer: You can never go wrong with a classic black blazer. They aren’t just for job interviews anymore! Even if you cheap out and buy it at a lower cost, pay that extra money to have it fitted. An oversized blazer: I love a good oversized blazer, but why spend the extra cash when thrift stores are EXPLODING with these babies?! Seriously, a simple removal of shoulder pads will make a world of difference.
Boots: ankle, winter, tall: Repeat after me “DO NOT LET YOUR FEET SUFFER”. I am the worst for buying cheap shoes, that is until the day my feet betrayed me. I promise you, spending more money on the staple footwear, booties, winter boots, and tall boots, is WORTH. IT. Slides/mules: Yet another fast fashion trend. (no judgment, I love them too. However, you need not empty your piggy banks for these fads. You can get mules and slides galore at Forever 21, H&M, Urban Planet, and so many other stores that don’t overcharge.
Dark non-distressed denim: Aside from being free of anyone over the age of 60 commenting on why you have holes in your jeans, these also are a wardrobe essential. Dress them up or down, these will always make you look gooooood girl. Boyfriend jeans: This style isn’t so much of a fad as people may have predicted it to be- however, they are not necessarily going to be a 10 year long closet staple. It is so easy to find boyfriend jeans at thrift stores like Just Thrift or Plato’s closet.
Minimalist Jewelry: If you know me, you know that I am the opposite of a minimalist. I am a maximalist. However, costume jewelry is all about trends, the real deal is in the simple pieces you wear on a daily basis. Statement/costume jewelry: The amount of giant necklaces and statement jewelry that I used to wear was absurd. Lucky for me, my mom used to be a jewelry wholesaler, so I didn’t spend a lot. Costume pieces are too trendy to splurge on.
A Watch: If my husband leaves the house without a watch, I swear he can’t focus for the rest of the day. He is right though, they are a necessity, and not just for telling the time. I wear my Jord watch every day, it is wooden, so it goes with every outfit! Tees/tanks: These are so easy to pick up cheap at Forever 21 or H&M. Anyone spending more than $30 on a basic tee or top is just getting robbed. Seriously, call the cops, that is a CRIME. Get them on sale or at lower end stores, and save your money.

Are there any more items that you think are worth the splurge? How about any that you regret spending on and wish you had saved?


Let me know in the comments below!