If you didn’t know, I had worked in customer service for many years. I worked or managed stores like Winners, Le Chateau, Aerie, and American Eagle. I have a good idea of what excellent customer service looks like. Whenever I enter a store, I know when to be fair and patient (people need lunch breaks), and I also know what poor customer service looks like. That part of me is embedded, which is why I always try and be extra kind to those in retail and food service.


As far as customer service goes, The Fitzroy went above and beyond. The wonderful girl who was my stylist didn’t even know that I was a blogger doing a collaboration until the end, so I truly got to see an unbiased version of the way they treat their clients. (Shoutout to Olyvia if you are reading this, you are wonderful, babe!).


Let me walk you through the process, and my experience with them!

As soon as you walk in the doors, you are greeted not only by the attentive staff, but with what seems like hundreds of stunning gowns surrounding you. The showroom part of the building has a gorgeous couch in the middle, perfect for your guests, and the walls are lined with colour coordinated dresses (a type A personalities’ dream). You have a personal stylist working with you the whole time, and pulling dresses for you. You have the option to pick some of your own, and they throw in their choices too that you may have glossed over. These girls really know their stuff, and which dress fits your event, style, and body type. All of the dresses are arranged in groupings by size, so no need to worry about accidentally picking up a size too small and falling in love.


You then make your way to the fitting rooms. You get a large room, and there is a mirror in the room for more privacy, but you have the option to see yourself and walk to the massive mirror outside of the changing room. The changing rooms are separated from the showroom, so it gives you a little more seclusion from the rest of the store. Your stylist is there to help you in and out of the dresses, and grab you sizes, new options, or anything you need. The experience truly feels like wedding dress shopping. They are genuinely wanting to help you find the perfect dress for the occasion, and if you are lucky enough to have Olyvia as your girl, then you will have so much fun doing so.


Dress shopping can be pricey, time consuming, and stressful. Fitzroy takes all of that away. You have someone helping you along the way, a ton of selections, and you are helping the environment! How many times will you wear that $200 dress you splurged on for the last wedding? Its unlikely that you will. Renting a dress helps lessen the footprint that you make when purchasing fast fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I work for a fast fashion company and I do spend some time at Forever 21 & Zara, however, it’s a million little baby steps that help make a difference.


I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Not only are you renting a stunning dress, but have you ever showed up to a wedding or event in the same Dynamite dress as someone else? It’s not the most fun experience. Fitzroy ensures that you won’t have a “who wore it better” moment. When I told them the date and venue where the wedding was taking place, they looked up if anyone else was renting the same dress for that day and location! I had no fears walking into the wedding, all I had was the confidence that I looked and felt amazing.


Thank you for such a wonderful experience, Fitzroy! This truly is a one of a kind place in Toronto, and I highly recommend it when your are hunting for a killer outfit for your next event.