I’m giving you PUMPKIN to talk about! For every pumpkin post that I have on Instagram, I get a few messages about the best pumpkin patches and apple orchards to visit this fall. WELL WELL WELL BABES HAVE I GOT SOME NEWS FOR YOU! I listened, and created a little blog post for you guys! Photos, pros, cons, the works. I am here to help you get allll the fall photos that your basic hearts desire (not unlike myself, obvs). Below are 5 of my favourite, and mostly locally owned, apple orchards and pumpkin patches. I have a rule that whenever I am shopping local or eating local, I should never feel bad about spending money because you know where it is going. You know that the money is going right back into that local business, and not to a huge corporation. We do enough of that, so I feel as though we should spend more guilt-free when the money goes where we can see it. So babes, pull up a chair, sip your PSL, and get ready to read all about the best locations for your photos and pumpkin needs, until your Instagram-loving heart is content.



5. Frootogo Orchards (Now Soup-to-go Orchards)

I had never been to Frootogo before, but I was with one of my blogger friends that day who suggested it, and the photos turned out great! It is a lovely family farm that is beginning to downsize, due to the owners health condition. They are removing most of their apple trees and re-branding, but the remaining pumpkin related activities are still worth the trip. You can hop on the tractor to go out and pick your own pumpkin, or take any of the pre-picked ones in multiple sizes (mine was 40 lbs!). They have a small cafe and some other kids activities. If you want a low key pumpkin patch to try out in the Hamilton area, this one is a must!

Pros: It isn’t as busy as the other places, you can pick your own pumpkins or buy pre-picked, and they have ample parking.

Cons: The apple orchard is being phased out.

Location: Hamilton, ON



4. Your Local Longo’s (or other grocer)

OKOKOK we don’t all want to go to the grocery store to have a photoshoot, but don’t knock it! If you live in downtown Toronto without a car, this may be your only #basic #fall #photoshoot option! I personally love Longo’s because it is close to us, and they all have Starbucks inside them for all of your #PSL needs.

Pros: It is FREE to go to the grocery store, there is guaranteed pumpkins in a cute display, and you have a Starbucks nearby!

Cons: There can be a lot of people getting in the way of photos, and you’ll be reminded that you need milk.

Location: Longo’s are located in the GTA



3. Apple Land Station

A lot of my Instagram friends are from my hometown of London, and I couldn’t not throw in my FAVE apple orchard (and I’m not just saying that because the owner is the sweetest family friend we have). Not only is there tons of apple trees to wander and pick from, but there are cute photo ops, animals, a pumpkin patch, corn maze, and more. I have a full blog post written from last year attached below for more details.

Ontario’s Best Apple Orchard: Appleland Station

Pros: They welcome photography, there is something for everyone there, and there are PYO apples and pumpkins.

Cons: It is quite far from the GTA, and there are no indoor bathrooms.

Location: London, ON



2. Pine Farms Orchard

You give me a beautiful apple orchard in the country, throw in some pumpkins, a cute cafe, AND I can bring my DOG?! I am there in a heartbeat. We quickly discovered Pine Farms Orchard when we moved to Vaughan, as it is only a 5 minute drive from us! They have tons of apples to pick, grounds to walk, and the cutest cafe to relax in. If you visit, you best be coming to our place for dinner!

Pros: It is dog friendly, has the cutest cafe, and the drive there in the fall is breathtaking.

Cons: They only sell pre-picked pumpkins, and parking is more limited than other places.

Location: King City, ON



1. Downey’s Farm Market

Alright, I think that this one is a given. This is the most pumpkin-y place that ever existed in all of pumpkinland. If you are just in it for the Instas, you can visit the front lawn (pictured) for your photo free of charge. However, you should always support local, so be sure to purchase a pumpkin or grab a few yummy things from their market inside. If you decide to explore some more, you will not be disappointed. From go-carts to animal cuddles, a giant balloon trampoline to a haunted house, this place has.it.aaaaalllllll. It is a day trip, that is certain. If you want to enjoy those activities, be sure to arrive no later than an hour before closing to be let in. My personal fave? Their apple cinnamon churros from their bakery. The market is endless and you will not regret anything you buy from them.

Pros: The pumpkins are incredible, the activities are endless, and you can CUDDLE THE ANIMALS. LIKE WHAT EVEN.

Cons: If you don’t come right when they open at 9, you will not get the shots that you envisioned. It is the busiest pumpkin patch I have ever been to.

Location: Caledon, ON