I’m not going to promise myself to go to the gym 4 times a week.

I’m not going to aim for perfection in my marriage.

I’m not going to say that I can get out 2 blog posts per week.

I’m not going to aim for goals that aren’t achievable.

I’m a realist.


I’m going to be real with my “New Year’s Resolutions”. What is the point in setting unrealistic goals, that will only set you further back when you don’t achieve them? Now, I am not saying to not set any goals, or to only set the bar low. I am saying to be kind to yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself, babe! My husband always encourages me to “take baby steps” and do “one thing at a time” so that I don’t become overwhelmed. I am working that mentality into my 2019 goals. My achievable, and REALISTIC goals.


I have divided them into four categories, and you, as my friends, whether we know each other well or not, have to help keep me accountable. We’re all in this together, are we not?! **cue HSM dance sequence**


  1. Get more sleep! Go to bed before 11pm on a weeknight. I got really good at this when I was a merchandiser and worked at 5/6/7 am days. Other than me and the Lord, sleep is Simon’s favourite thing. I will learn to love this like he does.
  2. Be vulnerable about mental health. I have been getting better at this as the years have gone on- but I want to make it a topic that isn’t taboo in everyday conversation.
  3. Make at least 1 vegetarian meal per week. We all know that meat isn’t the greatest for us, so even cutting out 1 meal per week helps when you add it all up.


  1. Be okay with a Sabbath. I am constantly on the go. I hate being at home on a weekend and not being out shooting or being productive. Again, something my husband excels at, is REST. Don’t confuse this for laziness, because rest is hard work. My goal is to be present in the restful days, and focus on my marriage, instead of all of the items on my to-do list.
  2. Make more of an effort to attend church. I know, and you know, that church is not a building. However, the people are, and the people tend to go to said church. With our crazy schedule, it’s hard to go the two of us, but that’s where we both need to prioritize our work and put first what is most important.


  1. Be consistent in my blog posts. I promise you this, and hold me to it, 2 blog posts per month. One every other week. Fair? I think so, at least while I’m working over 40 hours at my day job.
  2. Keep doing what I’m doing. Ok, I am not perfect, but I am so proud of my growth on Instagram this year! It  wasn’t thanks to any apps or pods or purchases, but being passionate about the content I am putting out there, and engaging with my amazing audience.


  1. Continue volunteering weekly at Dog Tales Rescue. I cannot express how much DTR has changed my life. Not only is my job to CUDDLE ADORABLE RESCUE ANIMALS, but I have met cool people, adopted my own babe from there, and my mental health is amazing in comparison to what it once was. Catch me in the springtime on season 2 of Dog Tales Rescue haaaaay (yes, we have a tv show).


Have ever been one for New Year’s Resolution’s? Do you have any for 2019? I would love to hear them and chat about it! I hope that your 2018 was amazing, and if it wasn’t, then here’s to making 2019 better!