Y’ALLLLLL SPRING IS IN THE AIR #bless. If you haven’t hit the mall for all of the stunning spring clothing, then be sure to take this list with you! I have chosen my 5 favourite spring trends for this year that I believe are essential in your wardrobe for the season.


Basket Bags

This trend began last year, and I went pretty crazy over it. I did not, however, drop a ton of cash on it, in fear of it only being a quickly fading fad. Lucky for me, they are back and more popular than ever. This one is from last year at Forever 21, but now every single store is carrying them. The best places to get them are Zara, Forever 21, H&M, or Urban Planet. If you want to save even more money, scour your local thrift stores, I have found a few unique ones over the years. Don’t just look through the purses either, check out the home section for some really cool basket type bags!

Pale Blue

Any form of pale blue or periwinkle has me going full heart eyes emoji. I truly believe that this colour looks amazing  on every hair colour and skin tone. It is hard to go wrong. If you are normally afraid to bring colour into your wardrobe- try experimenting with this one! To play it safe, stick with periwinkle tops or accessories. If you are more daring, find a cute pant or dress to go full force into the colour! You can find this colour in any store at the mall that sells colour, so I think you’re good babe!


Woven Mules/Slides

This is probably one of my favourite trends for this season, and foresee it lasting until the fall. Toes aren’t cute? Slides. Painful blister? Slides. Hate heels? Slides! Seriously, these shoes are a Godsend. This pair was from Boathouse of all places (you can thank influencers for that one). However, these are again an easy trend to find in ANY shoe store, plus stores like Forever 21 and H&M.


Button Front Tops/Dresses

I love how bohemian and feminine this trend is. It started as a statement piece for resort wear last year, and has made its way into mainstream stores. Zara was an early adopter of this trend, and you can still find tons of pieces like this one there. This top is from Dynamite, and looks great tucked or untucked. Button front dresses are also a great easy to wear trend. Pair it with some leather sandals and a cross body bag and you are ready to go!


Utility Inspired Pieces

Okay, I’m not saying that we all have to go out and buy a canvas-y jumpsuit and look like we work in an auto shop, but when done right, this trend is FIREEEEE. If you want to go all out with this trend, get the jumpsuit. Keep in mind that this is  a TREND and it won’t last long. My jumpsuit was 50% off at Urban Planet, so I didn’t spend much on it. If you aren’t looking to go ham like I did, try a utility inspired blouse and pair it with jeans and booties. You can find this trend at H&M, Zara, and Urban Planet.



I realize that most of the stores that I am recommending are very similar, but that’s what my blog is all about, easy to get, AFFORDABLE, looks for a fashion savvy gal on a BUDGET. Do I splurge on occasion? Who doesn’t?! What I want to continue to provide to you is the hot trends at a lower cost, because we can’t always spend $60 on a cute top that will barely last two washes.

Let me know what you guys think of my top pics, and if you would add or take any away. Happy shopping!