Make your hot chocolate, turn Christmas movie, and cozy on up! If you don’t already have a cozy pair of pj’s, then take a peek at my personal faves! I always treat myself to a new pair of Christmas pajamas every year, and some years I buy them for my whole little family! I have chosen my faves from affordable stores, with links below for you to easily shop! Enjoy!



I love a good nightshirt, and this one from La Vie En Rose also has a sexy “boyfriend shirt” vibe that I love. Picture cozying up in this with a pair of fuzzy high socks, the cutest! I quite like the quality of items that I have purchased from there, and when they have their BOGO sale, it is well worth it!

La Vie En Rose


If you have been following me for a while, you may know that I worked a few years in management for American Eagle and then Aerie, I SWEAR by anything of theirs. I know I got a dope discount while I worked there, but I still buy from both stores now. The quality is amazing, especially the Aerie products. Everything is insanely soft. They have the best return policy of any store, and you can return online things in store. I have a pj romper like this one below from a few years back that I STILL wear. Plus, it makes your butt look amazing, with minimal wedgies 😉

Aerie Pjs


Want to match with the whole family? Even the DOG?! Target has got you covered! Plus, great news- they ship to Canada! Target has some great family pjs to choose from, and while you’re there, you’ll probably buy 527 other items that you didn’t know you needed. Oops?

Target Family Pjs


I was shopping in Old Navy when I saw this years jammies come onto the floor. I chose my faves, and off to the register I went! I purchased pj’s from them last year, and I was very satisfied with my choices. Old Navy always comes out with waffle knit textured pairs, and I love the feeling of them. This year, they added so many more styles for you, or the whole family!


Lastly, we have my favourite set of Fammie Jammies, (and that’s not just because I was a stylist on this shoot). I truly think that the pj’s from this years collection were Urban Planet’s best designs. They made Men’s, ladies, kids, toddlers, and babies sizing. The grey pair below is my favourite from the Cabin collection, nice and cozy for family photos by the fire!

Cabin Fever Onesie Fammy Jammies