We’ve made it! Past the insane snowstorms, freezing temperatures, and heavy coats. We have made it to Spring!

Okay, at least today, no promises that there won’t be a snow squall tomorrow. #canadianprobs

As gloomy as the next couple of months during the rainy season may be, I will be using this time to break in my brand new Hunter boots! I bought my first pair of Hunters during my first year of college in 2012. I had a long walk through a lot of snow and slush to my bus, and was in need of some high quality boots. I loved how the bloggers that I followed were styling their Hunter boots. To me, they weren’t just grubby old galoshes that you threw on to trek through the mud in. They were an investment. I had never spent over $50 on a pair of shoes before, so paying around $150 was a big choice for me. Let me tell you, they paid off. I still wear my original pair now, and they are in perfect condition. No leaks, tears, or stains. They are easy to clean, and I wear them in 3/4 of our seasons.

These are a few of the ways that I styled my original black Hunters. Some of these OOTDs are circa 2013 when I first hopped on the Instagram bandwagon, so bear with the quality!


This year I was looking at getting another pair. I loved the red, so classic, but as soon as my eyes saw the pink ones, I was SOLD. I was ready to fork over another $150 for them, seeing as they are a great cost per wear, but to my surprise, this particular colour was on SALEEEEEEE! #bless. The exact pair that I had my eye on was the only pink pair on sale. I bought them from the Hunter Boots website, and with my purchase being over the minimum amount, it was FREE SHIPPING! Can it get any better? I think not.

You can shop my hunters with the link down below!

Pink Hunters

To test out my new babies, the hubby and I had a fun little photo shoot with this adorable yellow wall! I hope you enjoy the shoot, and your new Hunters! Make sure you don’t just save them for a rainy day!