I spent quite a bit of time scouring all of the blogs and Pinterest links for Instagrammable locations in Montreal, most were very useful, but a lot of them are outdated. I chose locations from a few blogs, so to make it easier for those travelling there soon, I have compiled a list of some of the best spots all in one easy place! If you know me IRL, or on Instagram, you know that I am very honest when it comes to reviews, so I have listed all of the pros and/or cons for each place (y’all KNOW there’s tea in here).



La Petite Montreal

This pop up was one of my favourites of the trip. I had seen it a lot lately on my IG feed, so I knew I had to go. We were there before noon and were the only ones there. The reason it was put up was because the square is surrounded by construction, and the city wanted something pretty to look at. Other than the pink wall, it also has a cool view, a photo worthy staircase, and an underwater room, where it looks like you are in a pool!

Pros: Instagram friendly, easy to find, PINK!

Cons: It is outdoors so if it is raining you have to deal with that.

Location: Phillips Square



Pastel Rita

If you saw my Instagram stories (and the very clear shade that I threw), then you would know that my experience with Pastel Rita was not a good one. We walked in and I was in awe of how beautiful this place was! We ordered our food and sat down to wait as they bring it to your table from the ordering counter. I went to grab an outfit to change in the washroom. As I came back to sit down, I was greeted by a staff member or manager who promptly asked me if we were going to take photos. I managed to fumble over my words and say yes. He then proceeded to tell us that they don’t allow that there. I was shocked and didn’t really know what to say. Finally we were allowed to take a photo, but only if we “stayed in our corner”. We didn’t have a camera, we hadn’t even started to take a photo, and we had paid for our food. There were other girls in there taking photos too on their phones. I couldn’t tell you why they did that, and they have yet to respond to me. I wish I could say that my food wasn’t good, but I’ll give them props, because it was.

Pros: Great food, stunning aesthetic

Cons: Not Instagram friendly, judgey and rude staff.

Location: 5761 Boul Saint-Laurent



The Village

The Village is a beautiful part of Montreal. There are so many colourful spots to hit up everywhere you look. The Main Street is pedestrian only so it doesn’t feel overcrowded in tourist season. If you want to take a photo with the rainbow installation up above, the earlier you go, the less crowded it will be.

Pros: Tons of Instagrammable spots, colourful aesthetic everywhere, easy to navigate.

Cons: Decor is taken down in the wintertime, so summer is much more ideal to go.

Location: Rue Sainte-Catherine



Kamehameha MTL

This Hawaiian fusion spot is located right in the middle of The Village. It’s on the main strip so it’s quite easy to find. It is an odd pairing of ice cream and poké bowls, but there’s no denying that they are both delicious. The space is a bit smaller, and the more Instagrammable parts are near the entrance, but it is beautiful decor. If you like pink and eclectic beachy themes, I would pop into this spot!

Pros: A few different Instagram worthy spots to sit in the restaurant.

Cons: The mix of an ice cream shop and poke bar is a little off putting

Location:1190 Sainte-Catherine St E



Venice Mtl

If you are a MTL local, then you have probably heard of or been to one of the many Venice locations. We stopped by the one in Old Montreal, because we heard that the decor was vintage surfer themed. It was quite busy, and got busier as the day went on, so taking a photo with this adorable retro bike was difficult. We settled on eating our meal and then going to the rainbow panelled bar for a pic. The staff were very kind in letting us take photos when it was busier than most places, so kudos to them! Also their shrimp tacos were the

Pros: Friendly staff, great food and fun decor.

Cons: Always very busy! Especially in the Old MTL location.

Location: 440 St Francois Xavier


C’est fini! Honestly I spent most of this weekend wondering how I took 6 years of French and don’t remember a damn thing. I hope that this blog post is helpful if you are visitng this beautiful city! There are so many more places I could cover because this place is pure magic (and cheaper rent than Toronto). Bon voyage, darlings!