First things first- I am in no way an experienced blogger, have a degree in PR, or anything of the sort. I am a self-taught newbie blogger, learning the ropes. I do, however, love to share my tips and secrets with you guys! With that said, I have a few key points that help me succeed when pitching to brands.


What is “pitching to brands” anyways?

If you aren’t invested in the blogging, business, or PR world, you may not have a clue as to what this post is even about! You may have seen the hashtags #ad or #sponsored all over your Instagram, this means that it is an advertisement to a product or service in that post. It can be found in the caption, or for bigger bloggers, in the location tag on the photo. However, if in the top left hand of the photo it says, “sponsored post”, that is not the same thing. That particular “sponsored post” is essentially a blogger paying Instagram for their post to be seen like an advertisement on certain user’s timelines. I have not used that feature and have heard mixed reviews on paying Instagram to see your post. (It is not any sort of sketchy “buying followers” app btw- it is legitimate).


PHEW- back to business. Essentially, myself, and other bloggers can get paid, or paid in product, to review and post about a product. There may be rules and guidelines made by the PR company or the brand, but all in all, I think you get the gist of it.


Brand with product->pays influencer/blogger with cash & product or just product->influencer/blogger posts and reviews product for their followers to see, and the goal is to bring business to the brand, which in turn helps the influencer/blogger create a business.


Can we as bloggers/creators/influencers sustain an actual pay-my-rent income from this? HECK YES. Take a look at your feed! This is a JOB that was not around 5 years ago. This is the new normal, and I love it. Remember, every time you press like, comment, or follow, you are helping someone in their career. YOU can directly impact them.


So down to the nitty gritty. You want to be a blogger, or just maybe get some sponsorships on Instagram for fun, what do you do? I have a few of my best tips down below that are working for me.

 1. Create a Media Kit

A media kit is essentially a resume for your blog. It includes your blog stats, a personal bio, and what you do for companies. It should be a visually appealing snapshot of what your blog represents, in a one page format. It is a blogging STAPLE. Brands don’t always want to search through your entire website for the information that they need, this makes it quick and easy for them. Mine is down below and I used Canva to make it!

Media Kit PDF

2. Only reach out to brands that would align well with your own personal brand/blog.

Example: You are a conservative Christian mommy blogger, and in the midst of the marijuana legalization, a company offers you a paid collaboration to test their products and talk about it on their insta stories. Does this align well with your brand? Or would your followers be very confused? They may think that you’re just in it for the money, and lost trust in you. Trust is huge with your audience. Your opinion is valued and respected because of your honest reviews. There may be nothing wrong with another blogger promoting this, if it makes more sense with their personal brand.

In my own experience, I have turned down some brands because their product was not my style, or it didn’t align with my own values. I do however, give a lot of brands a fair chance. If it is beauty or food, I am most likely willing to give it an honest shot! Just remember, your followers value your opinion, and once that trust is broken, it is very hard to gain back.

3. Be kind.

Speak to the brands how you would like to be spoken to. You are not Anna Wintour or Oprah. Take it down a notch, and be kind. Even if your popularity skyrockets, nobody wants to have a reputation of being stuck up and rude.

4. Be specific.

Gone are the days where you can slide into the DM’s and say “let’s collab”. Can you guess how many emails that brands get per day with that same line? Hundreds. You need to catch their eye, and interest them with a pitch! Tell them what you can and will do for them. Paint them a picture of what the content creation is going to look like. Why are you going to promote their product or service better than the next blogger? Tell them!! The more detail, the better.

5. Learn how to take rejection gracefully.

You will hear the word no. Over and over and over to be quite honest. To every 10 brand I reach out to, I may hear back from 5, and from that 5, I might only get 2 to be remotely interested in a partnership, and from that, MAYBE 1 who actually follows through. But keep your chin up, beautiful! If you follow these tips, like crafting an idea and being gracious, people WILL remember you. Keep working hard, and your name may be on their next round of influencers that they contact. Personally, I reached out to a brand that all of my other blogger friends were collaborating with, and they rejected me. Fast forward a couple of months and they were asking ME to collab! Don’t give up hope, and take the “no’s” with a positive attitude.



These tips are what works best for myself, at this point in my life. A huge resource for me was other bloggers. The most helpful articles came from Lauren of This Renegade Love. She is so knowledgeable and has experience on both sides of pitching and being pitched to. The link to her blog is here—>


So where am I at in all of this? Let me be real with you: 100% of the product I receive is free. I will state if I paid for it or just used a discount. I have received some paid sponsorships, which is SO COOL. My goal is to move from all free product to paid + product, but realistically that only comes with time and hard work. I’ll continue creating great content that you and I will both love.