Maybe you’ve just graduated university, or recently gotten engaged, or are starting to apply for full time jobs. You might get hit with it one day, the realization that you have to look like a grown up, because you ARE the grown up. If you don’t feel like this yet, just you wait, your time is coming. (FYI it isn’t fun).

What does this mean? No more overalls? No more UGGS? No more crop tops?

Just because we are supposed to be dressing like adults, doesn’t mean that we have to give away all of our young and fun clothes! Keep them! Everything comes back in style, and maybe you just feel like having a day with your overalls and crop top and want to channel your inner Kelly Kapowski (#queen).

I’m here to give you a guideline of some great pieces that will carry you through your young adult life. When did I start dressing like an “adult”? I didn’t feel the pressure to until after College when I started working. I invested in some key wardrobe pieces, so when I had interviews, baby showers, and any other event where a pink tulle midi skirt wasn’t welcome, I was dressed for the occasion.

The key to these items being “grown up” is because they are classic, not trendy, and won’t go out of style. They are pieces that you will have in your wardrobe for years.


Non-Destructed Dark Wash Denim

As much as we all looooove how our uncles at family gatherings ask us why there are holes in our jeans… they are right in some aspect. We all should have one good pair of jeans with no distress or rips. They can be worn dressed down with just a tee and sneakers, or dressed up with a blazer and heels. They are perfect for any occasion- from a girls dinner to date night. I am a little biased with my denim love, I used to work for American Eagle and had jeans exploding from my closet. However I will say that they are a bit more money, but they are worth it. There is so much selection and the quality is amazing. My personal favourite style is their high rise jegging.


AE High Rise Jegging


A-Line/ Sheath Dress

A classic silhouette like this is an absolute must have. It can go from work to a party with a simple change in accessories. The best part is that these types of casual dresses don’t have to break the bank! You can find a cute one for under $30 at Marshalls/Winners, JCrew Factory, H&M, and Old Navy, like the one I have linked you for below. I suggest having one in a solid colour and a fun patterned one-stripes or floral is best!


Old Navy Sheath Dress


Midi Skirt

I am way too happy that midi skirts/dresses are alllll the rage this season. As a girl with long legs (no complaints) short hemlines are my worst nightmare. Thank goodness that the midi hemline is no longer only for the Little House on the Prairie! It’s cute, modern, fun, and appropriate. I’ve actually found more of my favourite midi skirts at thrift stores than anywhere else! However, if you don’t luck out at the thrift stores, try H&M, Forever 21, or Zara!



HM Midi Skirt


Tall Riding Boots

Riding boots are my favourite fall footwear trend. I love a good Hunter boot- but this style is a lot more versatile. They pair well with jeans and a plaid vest, a cute sweater dress, or a skirt and knee high socks. Unfortunately, my favourite quilted riding boots have hit their limit. They lasted 4 seasons of fall/winter and hundreds of wears. I’ve even had them fixed! I’ll be on the hunt in a few months for a replacement. My original ones were from Le Chateau, and thankfully I had an employee discount back in the day-because these were not cheap. However- they were the MOST comfortable pair of boots I have ever tried on. The pair I have linked below for you is from DSW. Check out Winners, Aldo, and Spring for other similar styles too!



DSW Riding Boots


Pointed Toe Black Pumps

Even if you aren’t a high heel connoisseur, if you want a pair that you will get the most use out of-it’s these babies! I have the exact same pair linked below from Le Chateau from 4 years ago- and I wear them to this day. Classic, elegant, and comfortable. For basic heels like this, spend the extra money to ensure that they are COMFORTABLE. These are more of an investment piece than a trendy sandal, so calculate the cost per wear and hit the shoe stores for your choice!


Le Chateau Pumps


A Statement Bag

Since I was the (only) girl to carry a purse around 24/7 when I was 12 years old, you can bet that I was more than thrilled when statement bags hit the shelves this year. Gone are the days of simple black bags, and enter basket bags, coloured clutches, and new shapes. One of the new styles I am loving is the round bag trend. I lucked out majorly when I found mine at Marshalls during springtime for under $35. I get endless amounts of compliments on it, and it really makes a plain outfit look more fashion forward. Later on in the season, Forever 21 and Zara hopped on the bandwagon and more circle bags can be found. I have an identical to mine linked below for you!

F21 Circle Bag


TBH, being an adult isn’t the most fun in the world when it includes paying bills, working nonstop, and making your own food. However, it does have its shining moments; getting married, having kids, and making up your own rules. These staple pieces have carried me through the first few years of my adult life, and I expect them to carry me through the rest of it. (And yes I will be that fabulous 85 year old killing it in high heels).