Would you ever apply for a job without a resume? Then why would you apply to work with a brand without a media kit? This is your wake up call to create a kick ass media kit, right now! I’m going to show you the FREE and EASY way to make a stand out media kit that will get you noticed by brands. Here’s your first steps: go to www.canva.ca. It’s a free editing program to create Instagram story covers, resumes, Pinterest graphics and more! You can play around with fonts, colour blocking, and photographs. I encourage you to play around on the app! You can use a template that they provide if you aren’t as tech savvy. Next, be sure that you have a business account for Instagram. With that, you can access all of your media statistics. These are essential in creating a media kit and getting brand deals.


Below I have featured my current media kit. The numbers on the page correspond with those below, going into detail the items you need to include in your kit.


1. A slammin, branded photo of yourself or your logo. 

If you were a brand, you probably would like to see who you are working with too. Providing a well branded photo of yourself puts a face to the name. Imagine how many media kits brands see in a day? If yours is the only one with a photo, then you are bound to stand out. Camera shy? Make sure to at least include your logo on there!

2. A quick synopsis of who you are.

With social media being so prevalent nowadays, and with influencers sharing everything about their lives, it isn’t out of place to share a bit about yourself on here. Yes, they are hiring you for your skill set, but also for who you are. YOU are your brand, so you are selling yourself. Throw in a couple of facts you would like them to know about you.

3. What your brand/blog is all about. 

What can you tell them that your statistics cannot? Do your stats tell anyone that you have a trust based relationship with your followers? Probably not. Now is a good time to tell them what numbers can’t.

4. A snapshot of your social channels and statistics. 

By using your Instagram for Business account, you are able to see how many views you receive, who the viewers are, and how your stats can benefit you. This is key for a potential client to have. Make sure that you link your YouTube, Facebook page, Pinterest, or any other social channels.

5. Demographics. 

If the brand that you are after is a Canadian brand, they want to see your top cities who follow you to be from Canada. The same goes for showing gender, age, and the other demographics provided.

6. Some of the top brands that you have worked with.

It is super awesome to show where you have started in regards to working with cool brands, but make sure that you have the best of the best showcased. The most notable brands should be featured on here, as most people would recognize them. Instead of a list, make it visually appealing and put in the logo for the brands. That way they can’t be missed!

7. Services offered. 

Do you offer content creation for other pages? Photography or copywriting? Add that in! Highlight what you want to be hired for. Feel free to also add in your rates, or you may keep them to yourself until it is discussed.

8. Basic contact info. 

Okay, this is pretty standard, but can easily be forgotten with all of the other information that you have to put in. Don’t forget to choose a cute font and toss in a ‘thank you’ as well!


A media kit is like a visual resume for who you are and what you do. It is crucial for you to have one, but it doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. You don’t have to be a graphic designer, or tech savvy at all. What you do have to be is confident; be confident in selling your talents and abilities, and what you can do for a business.