It’s that time of year again, where our wallets are tighter than our pants after thanksgiving. If you’re like me, your presents are all purchased, wrapped, and under the tree.

If you’re a normal person, you may not have started your holiday shopping yet. No worries my friends, I have your back with my gifting guides below! There is something for everyone on your list, and if there isn’t, there’s always gift cards.


The Animal Lover

Have an animal lover in your life? Whether they are a dog or cat person, these gifts are sure to make everyone happy!

1. I can’t say enough good things about Lush, I own every product imaginable from them! My personal fave scent is the Christmastime exclusive, ‘Snow Fairy’. If you like cotton candy, this is a winner! Their gift sets come in every scent, and are all beautifully wrapped for you!

Lush Gift Set

2. Want to decorate the tree and give back? Take a look at these adorable ornaments from Dog Tales Rescue (shameless plug). The best part is that the proceeds go back into taking care of the many animals that call Dog Tales home.

Dog Tales Charity Ornament

3. Saving the planet is an important part of loving animals. We have to protect their home as well as ours. Ensure that your friends and family are stocked up with reusable shopping bags. Puppy Prezzies makes hilarious ones like the bag I have included below!

I Can’t Have Kids, My Dog’s Allergic. Canvas Tote Bag

4. If you know someone who has a dog, cat, or both, this comfy hat works for any of those! SF&Co is a small business based out of London, Ontario. The owner, Sonja, ensures that a percentage of the proceeds of her merchandise goes toward animal rescue missions on a monthly basis.

Cat Mom Dad-Hat



The Fashionista

Fashion girls can be difficult to buy anything for. Speaking as a fashion girl, these picks are fool proof, and guaranteed to make us smile on Christmas morning.

1. If your fashionista friend doesn’t already own a clothing rack, then she is missing out. This works for the closet or the studio. I have this exact one, and I love how light it is, and easy to take apart for travel.

Clothing Rack

2. I do not see the baker boy hat trend going away anytime soon. This classic plaid one from Zara is a must have! The colour, pattern, and shape are sure to please!

Zara Hat

3. The velvet puffed headband trend is still on a high! However, they are quite hard to find in stores. My friends at Johnny Loves Rosie have a few to choose from on their site. An added bonus- you get to support local this holiday season!

Black Thick Padded Velvet Headband

4. Every fashion babe needs some good coffee table books. This Kate Spade one is full of colour and whimsy, perfect for a bright and fun personality. You can buy these from the Kate Spade website, or in most bookstores, too.

KSNY Coffee Table Book



The Foodie

Babe, if you have a friend or family member who makes you food, keep them. Keep them close and for a long time. Bless them this year with some tools to make their cooking experience, (and your eating experience) even better.

1. Buying a cutting board for a foodie is like buying a bib for a newborn. You can never have too many! I have a few products from the HBC Collection, and I love them. They are classic, and are great colours for someone with a kitchen that may be hard to match.

HBC Cutting Board

2. Most people have baking dishes and muffin pans, buy something more niche like a donut pan! Plus if you buy it, you may just get to sample the final product!

Donut Pan

3. Is anyone else hooked on watching food videos on the internet?? I have tried a few of the recipes from Tasty, and they are always fun and yummy! It’s a non traditional cookbook that your food-loving friend may not already own.

Tasty Cookbook

4. It’s nearly impossible for me to walk into an Anthropologie and not buy anything. From the clothes to the mugs, the decor is on point. I have always loved their aprons, with such stunning colours and textures. This is sure to be a well-loved gift.

Anthro Apron




The Sports Nut

Coming from the wife of a sports-loving, TSN-working, hockey-on-all-the-damn-time dude, these gifts are solid. Perfect for anyone who loves being active, or just spectating!

1. The Top Knot hat is great for a gal with any sized ponytail, or dude with a wicked man bun. It has a magnetic adjustable hole for your pony to go in, at ANY height. It is a comfy, sporty hat, which I used a ton in the summer and fall. I wear mine at the kennel, where my hair is always up. If your sporty friend has hair to tie back, I highly recommend hooking them up with a TK!


2. As I was browsing the Indigo website, I stumbled across the cutest tumbler mug! I love the hockey theme that they came out with this year, and this mug is on my hubby’s wish list for sure!

Hockey Tumbler

3. Speaking of hubby, he gave me the idea for this next item. As a grad present, his parents bought him a great quality duffel bag. He wore it down until the straps fell off. I saw how much use he got out of it for school, travel, gym, and more. If your sporty person doesn’t have one, or a NICE one, wrap one of these up for them this year.

Nike Duffel Bag

4. RAPS IN 6IX. Raptors anything, Raptors everything. That’s really all anyone needs to know. If it’s any sort of memorabilia from their 2018/19 season, then it will be very appreciated.

Raptor’s Book



The Impossible

We all have one. Maybe we are one? (Mother, it’s you btw). That person on our list that is just so hard to buy for! Unless you want to go the gift card route, these picks are perfect for the one who may be harder to impress!

1. Show me a mom blogger or a Pinterest search that didn’t involve a letterboard this year. This was the most popular piece of decor for 2019, and the trend has not ended. Instead of the typical felt boards, check out this wooden one from Target! It would be great for someone who keeps their home more minimal or neutral.


2. You can never go wrong with slippers. Slippers are like a hug for your foot. If they are too big, it will still work, always remember to size up! I adore these furry ones from Aerie….***hint, mom, while you are reading this trying to find gift ideas***** (I’m a size 7).


3. Does your fam love playing games? Probably not as much as mine does! We love Telestrations for a larger group. It never fails to make us laugh, and it can be as (in)appropriate as you want it to be 😉


4. I am a wearer of the Sephora brand lippies. They go on smooth and have great staying power. If you get a pack, then you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong colour!



So what are your next steps? Follow the links, or brave that mall, and start crossing names off of your own “nice list”! Merry Christmas, friends!