I dread saying this, I really do, but the end of fall is upon us. She came, and she is leaving. However, we do have a few good weeks left to wear those coveted fall outfits before we lug out our winter boots. I have chosen my favourite fall outfits from this year, and in this post I will show you how to create them yourself. Most of the looks you can find in your own closet! The end of the season is harder to create looks yourself, as you may feel yourself lacking any more creativity, but I am here to help!


Outfit 1: Turtleneck + plaid skirt + booties + beret = girly fall ensemble

This outfit can be created with just a few simple pieces. Any kind of plaid skirt will do, and if you don’t have one, thrift stores are the BEST place to find these. Some of my best skirts are thrifted. I would definitely invest in turtlenecks, one black and one white. They are a fall/winter STAPLE that never go out of style (hello 90s!). If you don’t have white booties, I would not suggest buying them. As cute as they are, they are on and off trend constantly, and are only good for select seasons. If you are a hat person, try a beret! You can get them for a great deal at H&M most of the time. If not, sub in for a cute headband!


Outfit 2: Wide leg trousers + turtleneck + booties + baker boy cap = menswear inspired look

Trousers aren’t just for the office, they come in so many fun prints and colours now! Personally I love the boy-ish styles and silhouettes that they have for women now. Zara is the best place to find any sort of suiting for women at a reasonable price. Paired with a turtleneck, the outfit instantly becomes Pinterest worthy! I made it extra boy-ish by adding a baker boy cap. Want a more feminine spin on this look? Swap the flat booties for a heeled bootie, and go sans hat. Either way, you will be sure to receive tons of compliments while wearing this look.


Outfit 3: Snake print skirt + mock neck + micro bag + booties = Instagram worthy OOTD post

Have you ever seen those fashion girls on the gram and wished that you could dress like them? Well secrets out- YOU CAN! I got a lot of great feedback from this particular post, and it may seem unattainable, but it is super simple and wearable for anyone! The pieces you probably own are the white long sleeve- any will do, and white shoes (yes even after labour day). You don’t have to have the trendy white booties, even just your white sneakers would look cute! The piece not everyone may have is the skirt. Check your local Plato’s closet, because I have found so many animal print or satin skirts there lately! The one I am wearing is from Princess Polly, but tbh this style is at every store. Now all you need is a little black purse and you are good to go!


Outfit 4: Sweater Dress + over the knee boots + cardigan + floppy hat = cozy cutie ready to take on the town

Funny story, I was actually #influenced by a blogger friend of mine (@lindsayrosso haaaayyyy girl). I found similar items that I already owned, and paired them with the boots that I had just gotten on sale (from Sirens). You probably already own a neutral sweater dress, cardigan, and a hat of some sort. Play around with layering like I did, because it turned out so well!


Outfit 5: Fuzzy sweater + button front skirt + knee high socks + booties + floppy hat (*Starbucks optional*) = your basic B outfit

Am I a basic B? Yes, and I am darn proud of it. You may have most of these essentials as well, a sweater, mini skirt, hat, and booties. Not everyone has over the knee socks, but they are a very cheap trend to buy into. You can grab them from Ardene for only a few bucks, and they take your look to the next level. I love pairing OTK socks with skirts, dresses, and over tights too! This season is a great time (the only time) to wear and experiment with them, so try it yourself! Also, my go to Starbucks drink is a chai latte, hot or iced. YUM!


You don’t need to be a fashion blogger to dress like one, but sometimes we need a little inspiration! I hope that these little guides could provide you some inspo to finish fall in style! If you try any of these looks yourself, be sure to tag me in any pics so I can show them off too!! Stay stylish, friends! xoxo