It’s finally starting to feel like summer! With the warm weather, comes patio season, bottomless mimosas, and a draining bank account. But who wants to be cooped up inside all season long!? For those of you with a boo, it can get even more expensive because you’re paying for two! In a city with so much to do, you’re bound to blow your pay cheque pretty fast. Because Simon and I were so young when we started dating, we didn’t have jobs or money all the time, so we made do with what we had. From picnics to bike rides, we always had fun spending time together. I’ve put together a list- and some nostalgic photos *read, cringey*, of some of our favourite cheap date ideas.


Jays Game 

If you follow sports at all, you should know that right now you can get a Blue Jays ticket cheaper than the new $5 beers. As much as we hate the team doing poorly, it means that games are cheaper than a night at the movies. They are also a great activity for chatting at, hanging with a group of friends, or a first date!

A Bike Tour of Your City

Whether you live in a city like Toronto or Montreal where you can rent a bike for the day, or you live in a smaller town and have your own- try a bike tour! It’s a great way to be active and explore parts of your city that you haven’t before! I’m sure you can squeeze in a stop for ice cream too 😉

Dog Park or Dog Tales

Do you have a pupper at home? Don’t underestimate a fun date at the dog park! It’s so fun to run around and see your dog connect with other dogs, as you two humans walk hand in hand. Don’t have a dog and live in the Toronto area? ***shameless plug*** check out Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary on Sunday’s between 11-5! It is FREE to go and visit the dogs, horses, and farm animals. They also have a cute cafe for your perfect Instagram photo. Check out more at


A Picnic

Picnics are our favourite pastime. We have had them at parks, beaches, and on rainy days, in the basement! Stock up on your sandwich essentials at your grocery store, and don’t forget the treats! Bring a deck of cards and some sunscreen so you can hang out all day long.

Cook Together

A fun way to connect with each other is cooking in the kitchen. Try a new meal that neither of you have made before, grab your groceries and your aprons, and spend some screen free time together. It may or may not be a success, but I promise you that you will learn a lot about each other! 


I (we) hope that you can use these ideas, or at least enjoyed these throwback photos! Even if you have been married for years, don’t forget to date your spouse.