No matter where you are in the world right now, we are ALL in the same boat. We are limited to our houses, and some time outside, and only allowed in shops for essentials. Most of us are working from home or have been laid off. It is a scary time in the world. However, it is also a time to be thankful for apps like Facebook and Instagram that keep us connected with one another. I love seeing my influencer/blogger friends get creative with their posts, and to see people who aren’t normally huge Instagrammers become more active to stay in touch.

I am using this opportunity to get back into my blog posts (although I have been dreading it a bit), and to bring my sunny self to everyone’s Instagram feeds. This in no way means that I don’t take the virus seriously, I very much do. I just choose to be the bright colours and fun stories on people’s feeds. Personally, I can only handle so much doom and gloom until I start to spiral. When that began to happen, I put myself into my work and started to think of creative ways to shoot content. Below are a few of my tips!


Shoot in your house. This is a given. If you are blessed to get some natural light in your home, use it!! Although we live in a large basement apt with high ceilings, we only get sunlight in certain parts of the space. A huge game changer was the ring light that I purchased a couple of years back from Henry’s. It helps a ton with any photos indoors. You cam still stay in the house and order one from online! Move some picture frames or furniture around to change up the space. I have seen some blogger friends just throw up a white sheet and it still looks cool!


Get CRAFTY! You can’t go to browse around Michael’s or Wal-Mart, but you can order online what you don’t already have. Try ordering some fun coloured bristol board and tape it to a blank wall in your house. This is super helpful if you have a neutral coloured home like myself, and you want to brighten up your feed.

Take a drive and get inspired. Although wildlife may not be fully in bloom, look for cool deserted locations, sunset spots, or parking lots to fit your desired feed. The farther out of town, the better.

Invest in a tripod, or a new photographer. Used to your Insta-bff shooting your looks? You may have to convince your brother or mother to take some photos, anyone who lives with you in your home. It’s not like they are super busy right now… If that doesn’t work for you, invest under 50 bucks on a tripod off of Amazon. It is awesome to use, and even though my husband takes my photos, the tripod is great for a family photo of us!

Work on your editing skills. This is something that I may end up having to learn. I love watching my fellow blogger friends add a cool patterned wall to a photo, and then posting a how-to! Most apartment buildings or houses have a plain wall, inside or out, so set up camp, shoot your shot, and practice those editing skills!


However you are creating your content, be sure to do it safely. If you are outside of the house, stay far away from others. Don’t choose a busy location like a grocery store or a walking path. Intentionally make sure that you are only going to places for a short period of time, and with NO ONE there. Ensure that you can walk or drive to avoid using public transit. Above all, be safe, and be kind.