Last month we were gifted the kids kitchen and fridge from Cocovillage! Below I’ve got the details, pros/cons, and a discount code to share!

We had been on the hunt for a kitchen for Poppy, and I figured that I would buy one cheaper and then spend some more money to make it cute. We don’t have a playroom in our 1 bedroom apartment, so yes, all of her toys have an “aesthetic” to them. Thankfully, I am partnered this year with Cocovillage, and we got to pick out this stunning kitchen! There is nothing that I had to DIY on this which was so helpful.

Pros to the Cocovillage Kitchen & Fridge

-assembly instructions are easy to follow

-it comes in two trendy colours, which match our place perfectly

-it’s short, which works great to save space, but also so that Poppy can use it for longer

-the fridge acts as toy storage for toys that you don’t want to toss in a bin

-tons of counter space for the play toys, and room on top of the fridge for display

-knobs and drawers all work

-chalkboard for when she starts writing

-endless entertainment


-it comes at a heavier price tag, but if you add up buying a separate kitchen and DIY, the price can come close- also take into account the cost per use. It’s an investment.

-shipping wasn’t bad but it’s not immediate, so plan ahead with gift giving

Overall we are so pleased with these products. Not only are they adorable, but it’s so cute to see Poppy use and play with the kitchen and fridge, and learn to open/close and put away her toys in it.

Right now you can shop their early Black Friday sale- with different deals every day, or use my code Poppy10 for a discount on regular priced items all year round!

Happy shopping!