Yes, we LOVE the handmade, locally sourced, best possible things for our new fresh babes, but what do we ACTUALLY need when it comes to bringing our tiny humans into this world? Honestly, if you have some onesies, diapers, and some sort of moses basket or bed, you are more than fine. Let me be your new mom guinea pig. I bought or was gifted a ton of baby things- mostly from my mom of course (she went a little first grandchild overboard). At the end of the day, there are things that I would buy over and over again, and things that I have barely touched when it comes to my sweet girl.


Below you will find my list and links to all of my fave baby items. Some of the items were a paid or gifted product, but I truly only put the must haves in here. Although Poppy has a closet that rivals mine, all of the cute clothes and nursery decor are just a bonus.


My MUST Haves

Some sort of zippered sleep sack

I don’t know if my child is a pro escape artist, but if my paediatric nurse bff can’t keep her swaddled, then no one can. Thankfully Love to Dream wanted to partner with me and they saved our sanity. We spent the first week of her life crying at night from her escaping the tightest swaddles. Just a few nights in her sleep sack and we were sold. Even though this was a paid post, I would spend the money to have one of these right out of the womb. Not only is it comfortable for P to sleep in, but we don’t spend the night worrying if she’s escaped. Bless, bless, bless this company.

Love to Dream

Solly Baby Wrap
When they say this thing is sleepy dust magic, they mean it. You take a crying baby and wrap them up tight, go for a little walk around the house and they start to settle immediately. I love how stretchy and gentle the fabric is, and the colour selection is beautiful. They also have a ton of how to wear instructional videos on their Instagram! (This product was gifted to me by Solly).
Poppy and Dave Sling
I love having the option to carry my girl in her sling. It’s a different fit than a wrap, and quicker to get on in a pinch. I like packing it when my mom has her as well, as the sling is easier for others to use. We also love that the name is Poppy 😉 (This product was gifted by P&D).
Snuggle Me Organic
There are a few variations of this you can get like the Dockatot, but I prefer the Snuggle Me, for the pretty colours and lower price point. I bought mine from West Coast Kids to pay in Canadian and not have a hassle in the mail. I like plopping Poppy down in this for an afternoon nap. A hot tip- line it with a swaddle to save it from spit up stains!
Fawn Design Changing Clutch
This is just the brand I loved, but overall, make sure you have a portable change pad that is WIPABLE. Fabric ones may be pretty, but when this thing is covered in poop, you want to wipe it right off with no hassle! I also have the matching diaper backpack for the full set!
Think I missed anything? Send me a DM on my Instagram @blondehanes! Overall, these few products are what I deem necessary while raising a newborn. They have made it easier and more enjoyable for both Simon and I. Happy shopping, and happy baby growing! XO