The air is cool, the leaves are crisp, and the blanket scarves are abundant. It’s time for every basic girl’s favourite time of the year; autumn. To make sure that I participate in all of the stereotypical fall activities, I have created a fall bucket list. Most of the activities I have done before, but some will be a first time (yes I have never tried a PSL!). I will be documenting these in my Instagram stories, in my posts, and I will be adding to this specific blog post once it has been completed.


What are some things that you are most excited for this fall? Let me know in the comments below!


Go Apple Picking

We made the first of many trips to Appleland Station in London, Ontario last weekend. We had a blast shooting some looks, and picking enough apples to last us the season. Stay tuned for an extended blog post on Appleland!



Decorate our House for Fall

I don’t go as crazy for fall décor as I do winter, but I always like changing our centerpiece. I found this adorable knitted pumpkin for $9 at Homesense, and the salt and pepper shakers there for $7 too! (I collect these if you can’t tell by my Instagram stories). I added in some fake cotton that I had from last year, and keep the same photo and glassware as per usual. This year, we also decided to decorate outside of our door, and added some mums, and displayed our painted pumpkins. It was a nice homey touch to our rental space.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

As Appleland is our favourite orchard, we also have a fave pumpkin patch! Downey’s farm and market in Caledon is an Instagrammer’s D R E A M. Not only do they have thousands of pumpkins set out picture perfectly, but they have over a dozen activities inside for kids and adults. My fave is definitely the animal corral, where you can cuddle with the sheep and goats!!! #livingthedream. We always try and visit a few times in the fall, because there is always so much to do and see at Downey’s. 100% worth the drive.

Carve/Paint a Pumpkin

As creative as I am, I am terrible at carving pumpkins. Instead, (and to also preserve them longer) I like painting them! I painted a few of them with gold patterns as I usually do, and then went digging in my craft boxes. I found some gold thumbtacks, which made the perfect polka dots! Take a peek in your craft bin and see what you can use to make some creative pumpkins this year!

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

I always like trying different flavours for pumpkin seeds. This year, I did salt and vinegar! I don’t like to be wasteful, so I used seeds from spaghetti squash and the mini gourds as well. Any of the extra “goop” from pumpkins is saved for Mr. Bossman. Pumpkin is great for dogs and helps with their digestive track. Plus he goes CRAZY for it.

Pick out our Halloween Costumes

99% of the time, hubby and I do absolutely nothing for Halloween. I simply LOVE dressing up and creating a fun costume. I have never purchased a costume, only an accessory or two in the last 15 years of my mother not buying a costume for me. This year, we have our new fur-baby, Boss , in the mix! It was so fun to create costumes involving him!

 Costume 1: E.T.

This costume was so fun and so easy- well- if you have an alien-like dog. We just wrapped him in a blanket, Simon wore his red hoodie, and I tossed on my overalls and grabbed some yellow daisies. This costume was great because we did not have to buy anything for it!

 Costume 2: Maria Von Trapp

This is probably my favourite solo costume to date. TSOM is my fave movie of all time. My father-daughter dance at our wedding was to Edelweiss! 80% of this outfit was all thrifted. The cardigan, dress, and purse were all previously thrifted, I tossed on my hat from Forever 21, and stole my hubby’s guitar! And yes, I sang to the CD the whole way to the location.

 Costume 3: Brooklyn 99

PERALTA YOU’RE A GENIOUS! Only this year did Simon finally convince me of the awesomeness that is Brooklyn 99. I find myself literally LOL-ing while watching it on my commute home. We put on our best Amy and Jake outfits, and I bought some badges from the Halloween store, tossed a tie on Boss as Boyle and we were ready to fight crime!

 Costume 4: Frenchie Fries

My most epic DIY of all time award goes to this costume. Aside from people being SUPER confused in the McDonald’s parking lot while we shot this, I would say that this costume was a huge success. Boss was such a good boy in participating, and got lots of treats (no French fries though). The DIY was pretty easy.

-1 cardboard box, which I covered in red duct tape

-Words were made from yellow duct tape

-Fries were foam cylinders from Michaels, covered in yellow duct tape

-My ketchup hat was a cardboard cone covered in foam paper with a foam paper base

 It maybe took an hour or so to craft, and it was well worth it. I feel as though this will be my future; late night costume crafting for my dogs/future children. I am 100% okay with this.


Try a PSL

Yes I know, I know, I am the only #basic girl who has never had a PSL. Now, I have, and you are all going to hate me, because I hated it! I am not a huge coffee drinker as is, I only have my morning iced capp. I took 3 sips of this, and I couldn’t do it. Between the overpowering coffee and the weird pumpkin flavour, I don’t get why these are so popular! What is the hype?? I am definitely a chai girl for life. My signature winter drink is the gingerbread chai tea latte. Now THAT is worth the hype. Alas, it has been checked off of my fall bucket list, and will never be purchased by me again.

Attend a Fall Fair

It was a rainy fall day when we went to the fair, but it was very nostalgic for me. I grew up in a tiny town, where one of the biggest events of the year was our little fall fair. Complete with art competitions and pony rides, tractor pulls and cotton candy, it was the best. This year, our little family of three met up at the Erin fall fair with our cousins. Aren’t their kids just the cutest!! We had some yummy fair foods, and enjoyed the atmosphere (and the animals!!).  

Watch a Halloween Movie

Getting Simon to watch a scary movie is like getting me to do the dishes. It’s just not happening. Although there are many fantastic non-scary Halloween movies, we just were never home enough this season to catch one on tv! Grey’s Anatomy took priority on this one. Better luck next year checking this one off the list.

Have a Fall Picnic

The perfect fall weather only lasted for about a week this year, between the seasons of boob sweat and hypothermia. Unfortunately we did not have time to do a full-on Instagrammable picnic. However we did do a quick, cute little setup when we were apple picking, complete with my fave thrifted picnic basket, and some of my Hudson’s Bay blankets.


What are some of the things on your fall bucket list?? Let me know in the comments below, and happy pumpkin spice season!!


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