Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, then you would probably know that I am quite pregnant over here, and very happy about it! (I am trying to post about it sparingly- I swear!) I have had a few ladies ask me for a pregnancy inspired blog post, and I am no expert, so I decided to write about what I know. What I know is how to survive the first trimester woes, and this ever-growing body of mine. Listed will be a few of the things that I consider essential during pregnancy, and yes, slushies are one of them. #priorities

A Reusable Water BottleĀ 

I found myself super thirsty all the time, especially earlier in pregnancy. Have a couple of these babies laying around, one for the home, car, and work. You are pregnant and you will forget them.


A Heating Pad

This was a lifesaver well before I got pregnant. My heating pad is an old fashioned microwavable one, but you can often find hot water bottles and plug in ones at places like Wal-Mart. Need to DIY one in a pinch? Take a large sock and fill it with rice! Pop it in the microwave for a minute or so (keeping a careful eye on it) and you are good to go.


A Baby Registry Online

This is essential now more than ever. Unfortunately, Simon and I won’t be able to go to a store and register due to the virus. Thankfully, so many people recommended Babylist to us! It is so easy to use and to shop from. You can add stuff from baby stores, Etsy, or even your friend’s website! Bonus, if you have the urge to shop, this will help curb that as you click *add to cart*.


A Really Good Pillow

If you haven’t already been sleeping on a nice pillow, then I suggest you change that up ASAP! Pregnant or not, a comfortable pillow is essential for sleeping soundly. We were gifted our Endy pillows with the 2019/2020 campaign that I did with them, and they are WORTH IT. I will still be investing in a body pillow as my belly grows, but I am thankful for this one. You can adjust the firmness of it, and it stays cool. Currently, I have had a lot of acid re flux, so elevating my head at night on this pillow is a breeze.


Body Lotion that Doesn’t Make You Puke

If you are scent- sensitive like me, or have recently become SS due to constant nausea, try out an unscented body lotion. I found that my skin was super dry in the first trimester, and then it obviously began to stretch, so I have been lotion-ing up like no tomorrow. My personal selection is “Sleepy” body lotion from Lush. I was using this pre-pregnancy and I was never turned off by it thankfully. The best part is that is smells like lavender to help you sleep. I had to give up taking Melatonin before bed during pregnancy, so this was very helpful to ease that transition.


A Pretty Maternity Outfit for Some Photos

Although a lot of 2020 mama’s will be missing out on traditional baby showers and newborn photos, that shouldn’t stop you from spoiling yourself and dressing up for a quick snap! I was gifted this cute number from Pink Blush Maternity, and they have hundreds of different styles to choose from. Covid took a lot of things away from new moms, but it can’t take away these timeless memories you can document. I have linked this dress below for you!

Pink Blush Maternity

Those are just some of the MANY things that I deemed essential during this pregnancy. I am only in my 3rd trimester, so you can be sure to know that this list will grow like my belly. Hoping this was helpful for some first time mamas, or those who are planning on having a baby in the near future! Much love!