“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.”


Ever wonder why the fashion girls seem so put together? It’s because they have an unwritten book of their best kept secrets. Lucky for you, I’m here to spill some of my personal faves.


  1. Fake a tailored hem with double-sided tape. Who has time for the tailor? If you’re a shorty who is dying to wear those new paperbag waist pants you just scored- but they’re far too long- don’t fret! Grab some double sided tape from Walmart, fold up the hem to your desired height, and stick it on! This stuff holds quite well. You may have to replace it every so often, but it is a great quick fix.


  1. Sample before you spend! This one is for my beauty/skincare buffs out there. Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget too? Then take advantage of free samples at your fave stores! LUSH and Sephora will give you anywhere from 1-3 samples per visit. It’s much better to try it first before you drop the cash on an expensive product. Or you can always sample a whole lot of the same product from different locations (oopsie!). FYI the samples that LUSH gives you will last quite a long time!


Here’s a link to my favourite lotion to sample….over and over again… LUSH Sleepy Lotion


  1. Small boobs? Sticky Nips! Are you between an A and B cup and hate bras? Same girl, same. I try and go without whenever I can, but I don’t want anyone to see my *ahem* assets… Thanks to this amazing find at Aerie, I no longer have to! I stick these babies on and I am good to go. I have put these on in the water and they’re still good for about 30 uses! By far the best cost per wear out there.

Gel Petals


  1. Check out Ardene or Urban planet for those coveted white Keds! How many times do you actually get to wear your white summer sneakers while they’re still white? Maybe twice? As much as I love Keds, I love the ones at Ardene and Urban Planet even more. They look identical (and are actually way comfier). You can get 2 pairs for about $20, so I stock up on about ¾ white pairs per season, and it still costs less than the real Keds, plus I have no guilt if I dirty up a pair or two.


  1. Looking to achieve an Insta-worthy flatlay? Hit up your local dollar store! All you need is white poster board, and your flatlay is instantly more clean and crisp. You can even try other colours like pink or patterns if your Instagram has a colour theme.



  1. ImPRESS your friends with a press-on manicure! I don’t always have the time-or extra cash- to get a manicure. Plus I feel awful if it gets ruined within a week! I have resorted to the 90’s trend of press-on nails. But guess what- it’s back and better than ever! The quality of press-ons these days is amazing. They last for days and I always get shocked reactions when I tell people that they’re fake. Personally, I like to buy ImPress nails from Walmart, they have cute designs and the wear lasts the longest.


  1. Thrift the fads and trends. As much as I am in LOVE with this spring/summer’s basket bag trend, I am very aware that it may not be as popular next summer, and it isn’t practical for fall/winter. I took a few trips to my favourite thrift stores, and lucked out bigtime! I was able to find a few basket bags for a fraction of the price. Other fads like overalls and denim miniskirts can easily be thrifted as well, and save you a ton of cash.


  1. Throw a skirt overtop of a dress for a whole new look, or to cover up when you accidentally shrink a dress you love. Not only is this super cute, but it gives you another way to wear a statement dress that you would otherwise only get a few wears out of.


  1. Never underestimate the power of a plain white tee. There’s a reason a band is named after this wardrobe staple. Dress it up, dress it down, or wear it as pajamas, there is nothing that this piece can’t do. Except maybe stay white for more than a week…


  1. Go to Winners, head to the lingerie section, and get yourself a black and/or white slip dress. This piece has saved me from a few booty blunders. If a dress or skirt is too short, or too see through, this piece will save the day! If it has a lace hemline, it will look adorable under a skirt or dress, and it instantly adds a few inches of length. If you have a white dress but it is too sheer, throw this slip on underneath and you are good to go!



I hope that I was able teach you a few new tips and tricks. If you have any good fashion hacks, I would love to hear them!